Nolan's Consulting & System Design, Inc.

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NCSD, Inc. offers experience in consulting and custom programming.

We live in an age of rapid communications and immediate information. No matter what happens anywhere in the world, if it is a major event or if it is important to our nation, we can have knowledge of the events almost instantly through the news media and satellite communications. Of course all of this is made possible through highly efficient networks of computers linked together world wide.

How quickly do you know about events that take place within your business? Do you utilize information systems effectively? Does your company take advantage of information technology to gain competitive advantage? Unfortunately, most businesses don't take full advantage of the computer information systems they currently have and in many cases there isn't a good match between the functionality provided by the software and the business processes it supports. If any of this describes your business, NCSD, Inc. can help whether you need new software, more and better information from your curent software or simply help utilizing your current software effectively.

Our hallmark is individual, personalized attention leading to a quality solution for you, the customer. We are always a team player and never offer a "canned" solution. Our goal is to service your needs and to provide the solutions that you want as our client. We can help you be more efficient in your daily information technology operations and we can help you be more effective in your decision making process. We do this by designing and programming information systems capable of providing you the information needed in the decision making process when you need it and in a form that is convenient and easy to understand.